Jefferson Elementary School

Running Club

For those new to Running Club, students in grade 1 through 5 run during their lunch recess (plus 10 minutes of their flex time) for a 30 minute period. They have the opportunity to run around either the grass perimeter of the school grounds/Van Voorst Park or around the Fern Cul-de-sac (depending on field conditions). Three times around the fields is about 1 mile. Kids will receive a chain when they sign up, followed by the chance to earn a colorful plastic foot charm for each mile they run during the JRC season. Kids LOVE these feet!


We are off to a great start this season thanks to the warmer weather! We do want to remind kids participating in running club to wear their necklaces on Mondays and Wednesdays so they can immediately attach their hard-earned charms. Also, please know there are more dates and times available to volunteer. Running club is able to operate safely and efficiently due to our wonderful parent volunteers! 


If you have any questions regarding Running Club please contact: Shannon JacksonLaura White or Patty Gorski.

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