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You might want to learn more about NAEYC for families.  They have some wonderful resources that pertain to the education of the young child ages birth through 8.

NAEYC for Familes


Classroom Volunteer Opportunities

I will be using Signup Genius for our volunteer opportunities. We have approximately 4-6 special activities each year where we are in need of multiple parent helpers. I keep track of parents that ...more

Jefferson Student Council Events

Our Jefferson School Student Council is very active.  Please check their page on our Jefferson School website to see if there are any special events scheduled.

Jefferson Student Council


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Welcome to our classroom website for the 2018-2019 school year. I will be sending home weekly communications to your email account to save paper.  This website should be helpful for general information about our classroom routines, schedule,special events and curriculum information.  Please check the Jefferson School website for more general information about the school. 


This year we have 17 children in our AM class and 19 in our PM class.

Weather-Related Late Start

Please check the district website for updated information.  The first link below will provide you with the general schedule if a weather-related late start is activated.  Note that AM Kindergarten will be cancelled and PM Kindergarten will attend at their usual time (12:05-3:00 PM).


Kindergarten Schedule for Weather-Related Late Start


District Information 


District 205 Homepage  

What is a Learning Target in Kindergarten?

Learning Targets



I have introduced the concept of a learning target to the children. These are simply our objectives that are on our assessment card broken down into goals for the day, week, month or trimester. They are posted about the room in places that we meet to work on related activities. The learning targets are referenced throughout the week. The children are taking great pride in achieving some of these learning targets already. At times, I have one-on-one conversations with each child to reflect on progress and set goals for future targets. Some of our learning targets are immediate in nature based on a lesson for that day.

Kindergarten District 205 Learning Targets

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Late Start Days 2018-2019

Kindergarten has a different schedule for late starts. 


9:45-11:55 AM

12:55-3:00 PM




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